Shenzhen, China as an Electronics Ecosystem

Notes from Huaqiangbei and its ongoing integration into global consciousness.

Ten Mile Square Technologies

In our previous post we talked about the markets of Shenzhen. But the markets are just the most visible part of the Shenzhen electronics ecosystem. Other major parts include factories, logistics, finance, recycling, and in-country agents. Taken together these provide a rich set of skills, capabilities and relationships that make the whole thing go.

Factories and Manufacturing

Most people know about the big guys, like Foxconn – who manufacture Apple products and many others. There are of course many pristine white factories in manicured industrial campuses. We visited a few. But there are also many tiny factories of a just a few hundred square meters located in rabbit warren districts to the north of the main city. We visited those, too. Finally, there are families, couples and small groups that have purchased high end equipment like 3d metal printers or wire bonding equipment that have smuggled them into their apartments at…

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