gentrification in baishizhou

Here’s the thing about urban renewal in Shenzhen; it takes time. Consequently, although withering practices can be sensed in Baishizhou, nevertheless, day-to-day it all seems like the hustle and bustle hasn’t changed. Indeed, the neighborhood continues to experience low-level gentrification. There is, for example, now an independent coffee shop in Baishizhou, while outside on Shahe Road, individual upgrades continue. So photos from the coffee shop and ongoing upgrades suggest that even if young people in Baishizhou aren’t exactly hanging out and playing sports, nevertheless, there even low-income residents engage in leisure activities and consumption, which in turn points to the complexity of Baishizhou’s demographics and ongoing construction of Shenzhen’s youth culture.

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3 thoughts on “gentrification in baishizhou

  1. Hi Mary Ann it’s very interesting to find such a blog. I am currently a MIT planning student doing research on resilience of urban villages in Shenzhen, and it would be great to talk to some local expert. Please shoot me an email if you are interested, thanks!

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