revved up and ready…

Handshake 302 has been transformed into a dormitory for the Village Hack Artist Residency. Tomorrow, our first hacker Liu He moves in for a week of exploring architectural forms in Baishizhou. Below, impressions of the new room.

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2 thoughts on “revved up and ready…

  1. I have visited Baishizhou a couple times but never really learnt much about the context or history of the place. This project sounds interesting! I would love to be involved except I don’t live in Shenzhen!

    • If you live in China and want to com, the resideny runs from Sunday to Saturday, so you would have a place to stay. Also it’s on the main metro line so coming in by plane or subway is easy. AND if you’re in Guangdong their are cheap direct buses from city stations to Baishizhou.

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