all roads will lead you home

I’ve just joined the editorial collective of all roads will lead you home, an online gathering place for music, poetry, visual art, and conversation about the creative process. Please join us.

One thought on “all roads will lead you home

  1. Hi, Mary Ann,

    Thanks for telling about the All Roads Will Lead You Home collective. It seems a great idea and fine group. Might this be a good place to share/post some images from our collaborative work? I would like to submit my work, and wonder if you mind if some images are from our project? (which by the way is crying out to be resumed) Have you looked at it recently??

    I have been thinking about “Without Boundary” especially. Please tell me the translation of the text and what is visible and what is hidden.

    Are you there?


    +972 584 903 849 1 323 283 8886 (if you are in U.S. or if calls to the US are better for you than phoning Israel, call this phone line – it rings here my time… Skype: St.Soleil (generally don;t hae Skype on but an email will alert me to do so.

    My new website is under construction


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