edgy map

Ryoyu Kido sent me the link to Modeling the influences of land reclamation on groundwater systems: A case study in Shekou peninsula, Shenzhen, China, which includes a map of land reclamation around the Nantou Peninsula, 1983-2005:

shenzhen land reclamation

I colored in the boundaries to give a sense of the progression of land reclamation in in the Qianhai and Houhai areas of the Peninsula:

shenzhen land reclamation-mao

The tags land reclamation and Shekou bring much of this change into cultural perspective.

9 thoughts on “edgy map

  1. Hello, may I ask who owns the copyright here? This map – particularly the coloured version – is exactly what I am looking for to include in a film I am making. It is absolutely perfect as it shows that Houhai and Wanxia were on the coast until recent times: the Tian Hou at Houhai, and Yucun road at Wanxia. Also the oyster industry around Beitou.

      • Are you in Shekou? It’s music night in the Boathouse in Rose Garden Friday nights. Will be there about 8.
        Film is called Nanshan Days, Nanshan nights, bits of local interest and history with live music recordings interspersed, mostly blues and hard rock filmed around the bars. Aiming at 100 minutes, hope to finish by the summer.

      • sounds interesting. i am in shekou, but am more an afternoon coffee type than a bar at night type. let me know what your doing next week…

      • I am working in the week, just come down to Shekou Friday nights. I have to hang around in Wanxia first, I go to a coffee bar there for an hour or so, 6 to 7. I am thinking I will send you a link to the film when it is more developed, I would appreciate your criticism and suggestions for additional features. When are you going to Yunnan?

      • where do you work? i love visiting the outer districts and you could show me around. will head to yunnan in mid or late june.

      • We are in Nanyuan, on Nanshan Dadao. Left at Walmart then right on to Nanshan.
        Suggestion. Come over one afternoon next week and we’ll show you Nanyuan and Beitou villages across the road. They both feature in the film. Nanyuan is the best preserved of the old fishing villages that I know, I don’t want to raise your hopes too much, but there are substantial quantities of old one and two storey homes, some with decorative stone fretwork still remaining within the boundary of the original settlement. Beitou is about to be demolished, but it has one delightful surprise which I think will interest you.

      • Hi Walt, yes, it’s been a while since I’ve walked that section of Nanshan. I lived on Nanshan “Old Street” in the 90s just as it was being upgraded to “Dadao.” The alley that connects the roads used to thread through the villages from the southern gate of Nantou to Nanshan mountain, following the old coastline. We chat me to set up a time. mary_ann_odonnell

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