weibo protests Shenzhen police action against migrant workers

Follow-up on last post: there have been weibo posts about Shenzhen’s decision to force 80,000 people out of the city.  Of note, the incident has led to Lu Xun spirited condemnations of “Chinese character”. A few translations from the past 1/2 hour:

Shi Shusi‘s summery: 深圳为了确保大运会顺利举办,确定“黑八类”予以驱逐本身是个闹剧,而不少人在俺的博客留言对此政策表示拥护则是个杯具。他们不是神马强势阶层,仅仅有幸没被列入驱逐黑名单——类似阿Q面对更弱的小D,肆意欺凌,没有任何慈悲和怜悯。这证明深圳此举是有一定群众基础的,这有些令人绝望。

In order to insure safety at the Universiade, determining “a playoff list” to determine who is banished is a farce, and many people posted that those upholding the policy were in a bad play [sic]. The ones upholding the policy aren’t the advantaged, but rather the lucky ones who didn’t get black listed — like when A Q faced the even weaker Little D, wantonly humiliating him, without compassion or sympathy. This shows that the policy has a wide base, making some people despair.

  • 说明当权者成功的一面。许多人不知不觉中成为阿斗,成为帮凶,到自己也深受其害是才发觉周围已没有人再为自己呐喊了,华夏民族的悲哀。This just goes to show one side of success. Many aren’t aware that they’ve become fools and accomplices until they discover that there is no one around to yell for help when they are in trouble. This is the sadness of Chinese people.