the dalang graffiti festival

Today we held the design workshop for the Dalang graffiti festival. 27 people attended the workshop, which involved creating designs for manhole covers. With the exception of one individual, none of the participants admitted to having taken any art classes outside of school; none admitted to sending their children to art classes. All were immigrants […]

handshake urbanity — xinqiang community

In 2003, Shenzhen initiated a sanitation beautification project called the “clean, smooth, peaceful project (净畅宁工程)”. The aim of the project was to clean up roads and gutters and trash and beautify public areas, which included razing the shanty communities (棚户区) that once flourished deep in the area’s lychee orchards. How common were the lychee orchard […]

cleaning up Shenzhen: were there more than 80,000 dangerous people in the city?

The published facts demand interpretation: According to reports, as of April 6 in the “One Hundred Days Movement”, municipal police have gone out 284,000 times; they have made over 330,000 inspections of rental housing, 32,000 inspections of internet bars, 60,000 inspections of tourist agencies, 20,000 inspections of clubs, and 40,000 inspections of other spaces. As […]

low carbon lifestyles…

the current dearth of sexts hasn’t stopped chinese text message snark. the latest mocks poverty and environmentalism: 现在无房无车无妹子的三无宅男,有了一个新称号——低碳哥。 there’s a new nickname for men without a house, a car and a girl — low-carbon bro. of note, the “three withouts” in this message are possessions – a house, a car, and a girl. once upon […]