guankou (关口)

who’d’ve thunk it? stalin in shenzhen silo has gone. floating lives went off better than expected, primarily because mutual goodwill enable a lot of cultural and aesthetic difference to be used creatively, rather than becoming an obstacle. that in itself was a lesson. so, i am back taking pictures of shenzhen’s odd corners, which are […]

laying siege to the villages: the nantou peninsula

A five-part essay, “Laying Siege to the Villages” has been published online at Open Democracy. Here’s part two on the Nantou Peninsula. 2. Concentric Occupations: Nantou Peninsula The built environment of Shenzhen urban villages references three historic moments – late Qing and Nationalist-era rural society, Maoist collectivization, and post Mao reforms. Spatially, this history has been expressed […]

Impressions of the differences between Nantou and neighboring villages

Guankou and Yijia Villages are located just outside the Nantou Old Town Arch and revamped walking museumon by way othe Shennan Road – Nanxin Road pedestrian overpass. The villages abut each other along the old, narrow road, which used to run parallel to Yuehai Bay and connected Nantou to Shekou. Guankou and Yijia are slated […]

Urban Villages

I have documented, analyzed, and lived the changing definitions of SZ urban villages for many years now. These insights have inspired a series of interventions at Handshake 302. I have also completed a 5-part essay, Laying Siege to the Villages.Below are thoughts about or inspired by particular villages. Clicking urban village and rural urbanization brings up recent […]