Translation question: 天性竟自由

I’m having difficulty figuring out what this sign actually means. Clearly, the English is off. My sense of the Chinese, however, is to attribute all sorts of neoliberal interpretations to the line 天性竟自由; no matter how I cut it, I come up with a slice of economic pie. Nevertheless, I recognize that there are important nuances even within forms of neoliberal essentialism. Hence my question: How would you translate this sign? Please share translation and rational.

3 thoughts on “Translation question: 天性竟自由

  1. I sensed that this was a context-specific slogan, so I googled and found that this was the slogan for Universiade in Shenzhen.
    Here is a write-up by the person who proposed the slogan. according to him, the traditional one like “higher, faster, stronger” might encourage competition to a extent that leading to distorted behavior like using drugs. Instead, he quot Mao’s poem “万类霜天竞自由” to stress that Universaid should be a place where diversty of human being or even species should be respected, and everyone has its own freedom to do things in their own ways. and yes, he did label this as a post-modern spirit.

  2. Wow, thanks for update. I wonder how this slogan found its way into 南头中山公园 because the final Universiade slogan, which was plastered everywhere (including Hong Kong International Airport) was 从这里开始 不一样的精彩, which was translated as Start Here, Make a Difference.

    Upside, it means I can translate as “The World shares the same dream, its nature is to compete/strive for freedom” and don’t have to fall into neoliberal, neo Darwinian metaphors for competition!

    Happy, happy day.

  3. Yes, turned out that there was a solicitation calling for slogans. Starting from here is the winning one, and there are 10 other good ones.
    发布会上,闫小培还公布了这10条经过专家评审、网民投票推选产生的优秀口号,分别为:1、从这里开始。2、世界,看我们的。3、激情之夏 欢乐年华。4、心相约,梦飞扬。5、牵手世界 放飞梦想。6、青春通行,四海一心。7、青春激活世界。8、为青春喝彩。9、世界同梦想,天性竞自由。10、青春有约,仁爱无界

    for this one, I dont see the proposer indicates economically neoliberal logic more than the desire for a free and open setting. but the state may interprete it differently, as this event is something for city branding. the thing is that, there are more and more advocators of neoliberalism recently in many underground websites, introducing, with bias, the concept of Hayek, Milton, and enve tracing back to Adam Smith, to criticize the tax system and social inequality in China. The video simulating a fight between Hayek and Keynes by The Economists swept in a amazing speed. and Hayek’s word of “who plans for whom” was worshiped by a lot of people. Some educated people are fooling the public.

    BTW, i would put the slogan as “It is the nature (of the universe) to let everyone behave freely”.

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