80s nostalgia

More text message fun; this time 80s nostalgia

We miss the 80s, when medicine still cured illnesses; doctors took care of the sick and dying; people wore clothing for photographs; borrowed money was returned; you didn’t need a paternity test to know who the child’s father was; schools weren’t money making enterprises; being sick was respected; housing was allocated; idiots couldn’t be professors; the married didn’t take second wives; meat could be confidently eaten; rats were afraid of cats; and people had clean consciouses.

怀念1980年代, 那时候药是可以治病的;医生是救死扶伤的;照相是要穿衣服的;借钱是要还的;孩子他爹是不用做鉴定的;学校不是为赚钱的;有了病是看得起的;住房是分配的;白痴是不 能当 教授的;已婚者是不能找二奶的;肉是可以放心吃的;老鼠还是很怕猫的;人还是有良心的。

And sometimes I do wonder (with Rey Chow) if nostalgia is no more than dissatisfaction with the present, looking for an anchor (any anchor) in the past. . .

One thought on “80s nostalgia

  1. I bet the one who wrote this had definitely never experienced housing distributions in his life because planned economy, by any means, couldn’t promote fairness or justice better. He may never know after all the ultimate key to success was still one’s social relationship. The stronger you have guanxi with officials, the better and earlier the house you get.

    Not to mention most of those 80s’ apartments had shared bathroom, one in every floor for 8 households.

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